• Student-centered college counseling


  • The Process

    How working with us goes...



    At the very bottom of this page, you’ll see an online application that we designed for your student (with some information required from you).


    Be prepared. It’s quirky, and it may take some time to fill out, but it’s fun. This will give us a great idea of what your student’s goals are and help us get to know them better.


    Two-Way Interview

    If all looks good on the application, you and your student will be invited to a free intro session.


    This is not just a one-way interview where you ask questions and we sit and answer. We’ll likely be asking just as many questions from you as you’ll be asking of us.


    (This is a two-way relationship, and if we don’t think we can help you and your student, we’d rather not accept a dime of your hard-earned money or a minute of your valuable time.)


    We’ll be looking at a 45-minute session. If, at the end of our time together, you’d like to enroll, we’ll go to step 3…



    Custom College Intensive

    Every student starts with this step (and for some, that's good enough). The student will go through a guided assessment and walk away with a detailed and customized report - a blueprint, if you will - that maps out their entire college path as well as extracurriculars and other suggestions. They'll also get access to the following online tools and resources:


    Comprehensive One-On-One Guidance

    After your Custom College Intensive, you'll receive continued guidance to keep you ahead of the game. As I learn more about each student, our gameplan plan will become more and more defined.

  • The Details...

  • Custom College Intensive

    Get your customized college plan mapped out ASAP...

    The Custom College Intensive is devoted to building a customized roadmap tailored for that particular student's strengths, interests, and overall development. Here's how this intensive will unfold...

    1. Pick an afternoon to schedule a 2-hour consultation.
    2. Prior to the meeting, you'll take a 1-hour online assessment at home so we can get to know you better.
    3. In the intensive, we'll sit, chat, and go deeper into your strengths and interests.
    4. HERE'S WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS: One week after your intensive, we'll send you a customized report with suggestions and tons of resources.
    5. You'll dive deeper into the suggestions and resources from your custom report on your own.
    6. If needed, you can book an included 1-hour follow up meeting to go over any questions.
    Price: $675
  • Comprehensive One-On-One Guidance Program

    For an immersive and comprehensive experience, this program is for you...

    My program year runs August 1 to August 1. Rates for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors will be prorated according to when you sign up if you come in after August 1 (however, seniors must sign up before August 1).


    (Please reach out to us for ways to help make this affordable for you.)


    The theme with freshmen and sophomores is to engage. The focus will be to learn to engage in school and outside of school. Also, we'll work on gaining the confidence to put yourself out there and make your voice heard. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to engage in your environment by creating something new.


    1 check-in per month

    $2075 per program year (includes Custom College Intensive)
    *financing available


    The theme for juniors and seniors is to explore and execute. During your Junior year, you’ll explore colleges you’ve never heard of, interesting programs of study, and alternative paths to greatness. As a Senior, you’ll receive the guidance and direction you need to submit applications, apply for alternative programs, and write essays that tell your story. In short, you will DO.


    2 check-ins per month for juniors

    3 check-ins per month for seniors

    + College essay guidance

    $3075 per program year (includes Custom College Intensive)

    *Financing available

    **Ask about junior + senior year package discount.

  • Should we get started?

    There will be ZERO OBLIGATION on your end at this point.


    The only thing we ask is that you and your student set aside at least 20 minutes to fill out the application below. Please encourage your student to be fully honest. This will help us get to know them as much as possible before even meeting them. It’s the first step in ensuring that we’re the right kind of peanut butter for your jelly.


    We’ll reach out to you within three business days of submittal to give you the next steps.