• Student-centered.

    Because it shouldn't be any other way.


  • A roadmap that suits you.

    This is the kind of guidance counseling that every person needs, but rarely receives.

  • Hey, High School Juniors!

    Here's the "Plan"...

    I work with high school juniors to become acquainted with their unique talents and interests and put them to use, explore their post-high school options, including programs of study, colleges, and careers, and develop college applications that reflect their truest selves. Moving into senior year, I support students through the application process, keeping them on track with their goals, and guiding them through any twists or turns that come up on the path!


    Here’s how we do this:

    • Assessment - students complete a comprehensive aptitude and interest

      assessment at home

    • Initial Consultation - students meet one-on-one with me for a two-hour session

      where I get to know the student and begin to put together recommendations and

      ideas for them

    • Family Follow Up - following the Initial Consultation, the family is invited back for

      a meeting where I share my “Roadmap” for the student, which includes personalized recommendations unique to the student’s interests, talents, and goals

    • College List-Building - students book 2 sessions to work on developing a great-fit college list (typically in the winter)

    • Essay Ideation* - students book 2 meetings (typically in the spring) devoted to idea generation - these are always super fun, stimulating meetings where students share stories from their lives and put words to their ambitions!

    • Parent Meeting - at any time throughout the junior year, parents are invited to have their own meeting with me to ask questions or share concerns - this is also typically when we’ll discuss financial concerns or questions


      This comes to a total of 8 private sessions for juniors. These sessions must be conducted by June 1st of the student’s junior year. In my experience, students have a much calmer - and more rewarding - senior year when we have these sessions before they begin the application process.


      * It is unethical for me or anyone other than the student to write any part of their essays. Even the most well-intentioned teachers, parents, and friends should not be over-editing and/or writing a student’s essays.


      Essay Review - 2 meetings to review the main personal essay and school-specific supplemental essays (usually summer and early fall of senior year)

      Final College List Review - 1 meeting to solidify the final college list

      Activities List - 1 session is devoted to reviewing the full list of all the amazing things you've done throughout high school! I'll help you highlight these accomplishments in your applications

      Submit! - we'll have 2 meeting where I'll make sure Is are dotted and Ts are crossed before you hit that big SUBMIT button!

      Final Parent Meeting and Financial Aid Overview - this is our final check in to make sure you have everything submitted to be considered for financial aid (usually September of senior year)

      Scholarships - we'll have 1 meeting devoted to scholarship applications and essays, and we'll review any additional requirements, like auditions, if needed


      These 8 private sessions need to be completed by December 1st of senior year!


      Supplemental Materials and Applicant Portals - after you submit, we'll have a meeting to review your supplemental materials and track your applications in your student portals

      Review Offers - as those offers start rolling in, we'll meet to review what's on the table and discuss the best options for you!

      Make a Decision - this is where we talk about all of the pros and cons, what's important to you, what's right for you, and where you'll be going! (usually before May 1st of senior year)




      TOTAL PRICE: $4,200

  • Should we get started?

    There will be ZERO OBLIGATION on your end at this point.


    The only thing we ask is that you and your student set aside at least 20 minutes to fill out the application below. Please encourage your student to be fully honest. This will help us get to know them as much as possible before even meeting them. It’s the first step in ensuring that we’re the right kind of peanut butter for your jelly.


    We’ll reach out to you within three business days of submittal to give you the next steps.