• You Know You Want to Help...

    and you're striking out on your own to make a difference!

    The only thing I like more than working directly with students is supporting those who want to do the same.

    Maybe you're a seasoned educator who believes you can have a greater impact outside of the "system."


    Maybe you're a natural entrepreneur who wants to starts a business that aligns with your mission to sere young people.


    Maybe you see some major flaws in education and college admission and you want to guide young people through the mess.


    I want to help you set up a business that pays you enough to take money off table so you can focus on the meaningful work you're meant to do.


    I'll share it all with you! No secrets here. I want to help you find the same joy I have in this work.

    Price for professional development coaching: $200 per hour

    or $750 for 5 hour package

    ​Let's work together as you become your own boss and make a meaningful difference in the lives of young people.