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  • About

    I've devoted my career to working with people facing transitions

    -- those forks in the road -- by helping them discover their unique gifts and put them to good use.


    I've worked with high school students who are wondering what is possible beyond graduation, college students who are feeling less-than-satisfied with their paths, and professionals who are considering making a big career change.

    I'll help you discover your innate talents and traits, and then I'll show you how to align your gifts in everything you do.


    I serve as a guide to people around the world in one-on-one guidance sessions, group settings at schools, universities, and offices, and through my writing. I've spoken and written on job hopping and jobs of the future, navigating college admissions with a more lighthearted attitude, and discovering innate aptitudes and putting them to work.

    I look forward to working with you as you navigate your big education and career decisions.

    The journey is never linear... what fun would that be?

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     This one-of-a-kind guide helps you uncover your unique talents, interests, and personality traits. Whether you're just starting your career or considering a change, discover the custom-made roadmap to your potential and happiness. Coming January 2025 from @harvestbooks.

  • Educating the Next Generation of Job Hoppers

    Alex Ellison at TEDx

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  • My journey

    It's been a crazy ride, but here are the major checkpoints in this adventure so far...

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    BA, Northwestern University

    In German and Business

    Thought I wanted to be an international diplomat of some sort (oh how things change as we grow)

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    Fulbright Commission

    Teaching English in Austria

    Spent several months living in Austria and teaching high school students about American culture and language

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    Service Learning Coordinator

    University of Nevada

    Built a service learning program in the Honors Program at the University of Nevada

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    Certificate in College Counseling


    Completed my certificate in UCLA's College Counseling program

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    Founder, Dunce Labs

    Reno, NV

    Went out on my own and try a fresh, lighthearted, student-centric approach to college admissions counseling

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    Researched the Swiss Higher Education System

    Think Swiss

    Spent two months in Switzerland researching their educational system and how elements of it can be applied to the US

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    TEDx Speaker

    University of Nevada

    Gave a Tedx Talk titled 'Educating the Next Generation of Job Hoppers'

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    SXSW Speaker

    South by Southwest - Austin, TX

    Gave a talk at SXSW Edu titled 'Gen-Z is for Sensibility'

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    Masters of Public Administration

    University of Nevada

    Received my Masters in Public Administration and Policy with a Higher Education Emphasis at UNR

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