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    "Alex’s worldly experiences coupled with her training and experience as an educational consultant create a perfect relationship that our students find very valuable. Alex is a very important part of our students’ global experience." Chris Case, Global Studies Director,

    McQueen High School, Reno, Nevada

    How I can support your team:


    I'll spend a week with your school staff, teachers, administrators, counselors, and students, getting familiar with your unique gifts, methods, and culture.



    This is where I put together a custom college and career guidance toolkit for your school or district, with the intention to make this as "turn-key" as possible. You'll receive ready-to-use counseling templates, workshop outlines and timelines, easy-to-use technology recommendations, as well as tips, tricks, and training for any staff, teachers, or volunteers who are responsible for college and career guidance.



    I'll work with your team for 1 week to get your updated college and career counseling office off to a good start. I'll share techniques to more efficiently and smoothly work and communicate with students and parents, plan out your college and career counseling timelines, give students more exposure to various post-secondary options, and disseminate accurate, of-the-moment information to students, parents, and staff.

  • What could work for you and your students?

    Technologies to Streamline Your Approach

    I'm the creator of the Go Your Own Way Student Quiz, which has been taken by over 700 students around the world. Whether it's online quizzes, software to help students stay organize, online assessments to give your students some direction, or an online library of tools to help students find colleges, scholarships, and other opportunities, I'll curate what you need now.

    Off-Campus Career Exploration,

    I was the recipient of a ThinkSwiss research grant in 2015 to explore the Gold Standard of vocational education in Switzerland. I brought this knowledge to a rural town whose high school was struggling to connect students to careers. We built a school-based job shadowing program for CTE students.

    College & Career Readiness Grants

    I've helped districts secure funding for college & career readiness, such as Perkins, and then put together accountability reports to show progress.

    Social and Emotional Learning

    I was a contributing author in Leading Schools with Social, Emotional, and Academic Development in Schools, writing about integrating SEL into college and career counseling. I've presented to educators on this topic.

    Presentation and Workshop Templates

    My goal is to create an easy-to-implement toolkit for your school or district to offer the college & career counseling you want for your students - without more work for your team. I have clear and relevant guides, presentations, and workshop outlines for your staff, along with essay, activity, and college search templates for your students.

    Professional Development

    From professional conferences like SXSWedu, NACAC and IECA to one-on-one coaching sessions with counselors, I am always honored to work with peers in this industry to help elevate counselors' knowledge, confidence, and impact.


    I believe any recruitment strategy should focus on fit, which means putting the prospective students first. I will help you recruit and retain great-fit students by first helping them discover their unique aptitudes and interests. This discovery process leads to greater clarity around education and career goals, and these students will join your campus with greater self-awareness, direction, and agency!

  • Let's update your college & career counseling program!

    I look forward to spending time with your staff and students to create something that fits your school.

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