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    How Did "Latchkey" Kids Become Snowplow Parents?

     The “latchkey generation,” also known as Generation x (those born between 1965 and 1979) is now raising teenagers in a way that may be called “compensating” for the lack of attention they may have received from their parents.

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    The Tug of the Cord

    Your throughline is that cord that vibrates in your hand when you are on to something, feeling deeply satisfied in your work, fully engrossed in a task.

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    The Knack

    Got a 2.4 GPA my first semester in college. Thought maybe I wasn’t cut out for engineering. Today I’ve landed two spacecraft on Mars, and am now designing one for the Moon.

    STEM is hard for everyone. Grades ultimately aren’t what matter. Curiosity and perseverance matter. @bencichy

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    Available Now!

    In this book, Alex Ellison shares a new way for students to discover their own paths to college. Moving beyond the

    Cult of College Prestige, Alex offers a student-centered approach, inspired by the unique personalities, talents, and passions of her clients to create a discovery process that helps families find clarity amid the increasingly dysfunctional college-application process.

  • Coming January 2025

    Your Hidden Genius: The Science-Backed Strategy to Uncovering and Harnessing Your Innate TalentsBetsy Wills & Alex Ellison Cofounder of YouScience Betsy Wills and education consultant Alex Ellison's Your Hidden Genius, a guide to discovering your innate talents and untapped potential, featuring access to the YouScience aptitude assessment. It's WHAT COLOR IS YOUR PARACHUTE? for the Great Resignation Generation.

    Harvest, an imprint of Harper Collins.

    Agent, Eve MacSweeney at Calligraph.


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